About Us


After hours of walking around Disneyland and California Adventure, we needed a break and found a nice little patch of brick to sit on.

M&L Adventures is made up of the charming duo, Mary Grace and Lawrence. With their explorative nature and desire for tasty things, they have decided to venture out into the world to find the best food, drink, and entertainment - starting with their home town, Orange County, California. Follow along on their journey!

Our Mission

Our passion for food, wine, and adventure moves us to explore our local hotspots as well as travel the world for a great place to eat, drink and be merry!  We will be documenting our experiences here as well as information on our upcoming wedding, so don’t forget to subscribe and follow along!

Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a valiant, dashing hero who could tango like no other (for surely, none could stumble upon their own feet with as much style and panache as he).  After many a battle upon the polished dancefloors, he retired to seek new ventures.  At least, he thought so until he chanced upon an enchanting maiden who's smile was like a warm autumn sunrise.  Such was her love for dance and life that she inspired the young hero to once more take up arms and return to the clash of steps.

One particularly fateful Hallow's Eve saw them paired together.  In he strolled, bedecked in forest hunter's greens, deadly bow in hand.  Ready for the hunt.  Ready to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  Hero of the people.

There, she waited, wrapped in the silks of the mischievous gypsy maiden.  As he approached, she knew that she had seen him from somewhere.  A hero of the woods... bow and arrow... ah... he could be but one... "Zelda!" she exclaimed.

I jest you not dear friends, as our fearless hero's palm landed upon his face with the force of a dozen angry lemurs.  "Nay!  I am the hero of Sherwood, I am..."

Just another derpy day at Disney.

"Link!"  You're Link right?  😀

"...I'm Robin Hood."   o_O

"Oh.  You make a good Zelda though." ^_^


And from then on, they would go on to seek the forbidden cheese rolls of the hallowed halls of Porto's, cut across the frozen fields of Anaheim Ice, and conquer the chaotic rhythms of Atomic Ballroom.

Entranced by her thirst for adventure, love of food, and delightfully morbid sense of humor, he decided that she may have been right in a sense.  He was no Robin Hood to settle for stealing coin or purse.  No, he would seek a prize far loftier... that of her heart.

And as our fair maiden looked into our intrepid hero's eyes, she knew that she had him.  He had stumbled into her web and he had no chance of escape.  She would make sure of it.

Meet the Duo


Mary Grace

J- of All Trades / Munch Enthusiast / Professional Napper / Bride

Insatiable craving for all things cheese. I explore the delicately woven flavors of the masters, traverse the land and sea to find such culinary delights. Climb the great mountains of sourdough, canales, and croissants. Soar through skies filled with clouds of pillow-y marshmallows and whipped cream.

I may be skimming the edge of death with every bite, but nothing will stop me from attaining the highest pinnacle of gluttony.



Sugar Fiend  >:]  also, the Groom

I devour entire ice cream cakes in the time it takes a normal mortal to finish a $0.50 bag of chips. I tread paths lined with dark chocolate fudge and pints of haagen-daazs coffee ice cream. I have mastered the ancient art of yelp-fu and have discovered the elusive secret of how to correctly pair pizza with wine.

You may have heard of me. And you should know to keep your Oreos well hidden.

Our Proposal

Find out the who, what, when, and how of our proposal.