Our Wedding Party


Rochelle Domantay
Maid of Honor | The Gamer

She has heroically conquered a myriad of vast and fantastic adventures, all from within the borders of a single room. Disney movies and songs incite squeals of glee whenever played, and her lust for more can only be sated from playing them through.


Caitlyn Nicole Domantay
Maid of Honor | The Wanderer

She travels the world seeking adventure, making new friends wherever she goes. She is a true soul of Neverland, taking flight and letting her dreams guide her.


Kim Tomczak
Bridesmaid | Tabletop Dancer

Kim has known Mary since her early days as a massage therapist. She is a force to be reckoned with and will do whatever in her power to come out victorious!


Nancy Quynh
Bridesmaid | The Adopted Sister

A Slytherin through and through, Nancy is clever and very resourceful. She does not show fear even in the midst of terror and is always striving to make those around her feel at ease.


Kathy Hang
Bridesmaid | Bottler of Rage

A trustworthy and loyal companion. She will duel to the death to protect or regain her friends' honor, and she is not one to back down from a fight.


Bryant Trinh
Best Man | Master de Sous Vide

Watches and shoes that would make James Bond jelly.  A man with a 70 year old's aches and pains who somehow keeps up with 30 year-olds on the courts and fairways.  But through it all, he always has your back.


Jonathan Cabrera
Groomsman | Knotty

Aficionado of all things sharp and pointy.  Great lover of Gin.  New generations of Anteaters still speak of his legendary record-setting keg stand.


Rendell Ascueta
Groomsman | Gravity is for Losers

Digitial artist extraordinaire by day, gravity defying spider monkey by night.  When truly pressed to his limits, he evolves into his final form - RONDELL.


Dang Pham
Groomsman | Connoisseur of the Finest Cognac

When you need someone to go "All In" on something crazy.  But also a man who knows the true meaning of "family before all else".