Coffee Farm Tour and Tasting in Kona


It’s hard to deny that coffee is one of the most popular drink choices worldwide. But did you know that those bags of coffee beans are actually seeds? If you’ve ever been curious to know how your favorite brew is produced, look no further than this charming coffee farm in Captain Cook, Hawaii.


Jenn at The Hippie and the Rasta Coffee Farm will give you a quick tour of the farm. Depending on the time of the year, you may get to see what a coffee berry looks like before harvest. You’ll also learn how they are processed to create the roasted beans we know and love.


After that, you’ll be led to the tasting area which also doubles as their drying and processing area. Long tables are set up with electronic kettles and pourover sets for each person. Jenn will show you her favorite pourover technique as well as how to adjust each variable to brew coffee to your taste preferences.


At the end of the 1.5 hour tour and coffee tasting, you’ll have a chance to purchase bags of your favorite coffees to take home. During the time we went, they were only able to accept cash. Our tour ended around 12:30, and it was time to feed the animal helpers roaming between the coffee trees.


This group of animals are not only cute to have around, but they are extremely beneficial to the farm. They help to fertilize the trees naturally and keep weeds and insects under control. This allows the farm to grow their coffee organically and in the most sustainable way possible. Learn more about the farm on their website.


Getting There

The road to the coffee farm is extremely narrow with tons of winding turns and a lot of potholes. It is stated on their AirBnb profile to use Google Maps and type in “The Hippie and the Rasta Coffee Farm” for easy and accurate directions.



Are you ready to delve deeper into the world of coffee? Always wanted to try pourover, but not sure if you want to invest in a whole set? Book your spot now on their airbnb profile.

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