Visit the Cutest Goat Farm on Oahu

girl with purple hair feeding a herd of small goats a bag full of hay through a fence.

Less than an hour drive from Waikiki Beach Walk in Honolulu, Oahu is a quaint little goat farm located in Waialua where you can shop for goat dairy products and feed a frantic and energetic herd.

vibrant and brightly colored hand painted tile featuring a smiling goat and a stack of cheese on a barrel with blue sky and a rainbow in the background

Vibrant and quirky hand-painted tiles of each goat on the farm are scattered throughout the property. Some of these artworks are for sale in the gift shop. You can even buy t-shirts with their cute little faces on them!

vibrant and brightly colored hand painted tile featuring a black and white goat on a yellow background

Also found in the gift shop are an assortment of soaps and lotions made from the goat milk. They also have a deli counter where you can try and purchase goats milk ice cream, cheeses and other tasty treats. They also serve coffee here if you need a pick-me-up before you drive to your next destination. For ideas of where to go in Oahu check out these other blog posts!

Once you’ve finished eating and shopping at the boutique, you can go back into the shop to purchase a bag of hay to feed the goats around the back of the building. You’ll find them waiting ever so patiently for your offering as they trample one another to reach the dried goods. They seem to really love visitors of the farm.

group of small goats being fed hay in a bag through a fence

If you have young children, consider checking out the educational tours that the farm offers on Saturdays! To learn more about Sweet Land Farm and their herd of goats, check out their website at

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back view of a girl with purple hair in yellow dress walking towards a background full of tall grass, mountains and bright blue skies with white fluffy clouds scattered throughout


  1. I love goats! They make me smile every time. We have plenty of them here in Greece too – it’s lovely to read about them in other countries

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